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A gift from my boss. It’s like she knows! Thanks Alazae!

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I need to get my hair dyed. Bad.

For you bb @i_drewthatpanda

#flashbackfriday It’s sad that it takes a celebrity dying to raise awareness for a serious illness, but it’s made me realize how awesome my best friend is for putting up with me. Depression isn’t easy to live with and even when I’m a big, insecure, hysterical mess, and I tell myself to stop, I can’t. This chick right here has suffered through more mood swings than she ever needed to and she’s supported me and never given up on me through it all. I love you, bitch. Thank you for helping me get to a better place, even if the journey isn’t over! @i_drewthatpanda

Black and white is needed sometimes. #plaidgameisstrong

Puppy love 😍 #babygirl #niece #love

It’s over #leagueoflegends #aram #ashe #datashe